The wife/daughter paradox

Sometimes people ask me (or actually I ask myself, too) ‘Why do Whovians spend so much time with their fandom?’ Why do we seem to have such infinite knowledge of the Whoniverse while many of us clearly lack social skills and common knowledge?
Well the answer is very simple: we don’t. We just don’t have time and capacities for it. So this is for those non-Whovians who can’t quite understand what’s so confusing about Doctor Who that we just don’t have the resources to deal with anything else. Just imagine the following situation:

You have your wife, who isn’t your wife yet, your best friend and yourself watch you at a later point in your own timeline being shot by your then-to-be-wife who will also be, but isn’t yet, the daughter of your best friend, mentioned earlier. Your past selfs’ wife (who was introduced to you as your daughter and is actually the daughter of one of your even earlier selfs) did by the way just give birth to your daughter. And just to make things perfect: this very daughter/wife of yours also went to school with the daughter of another of your past incarnations. Confused yet?

You’re welcome.